Connect Your Zapier Account

In this article, we will show you how what is required to connect to Zapier.

What You Will Need

Access to your Zapier account

Part 1

Get Your API Key

Step 1

Navigate to Settings (1). You can then copy your API key here (2).

Part 2

Connect to Zapier

Step 1

Add the SCAL Zapier App To Your Zapier Account By Clicking The Link Below:
SCAL Zapier Invitation Link

Step 2

Login to Zapier > Navigate to My Apps (1) > Type in "SCAL" (2) > Select "SCAL (3)

Note: The "SCAL" app was created to work seamlessly with your account.

Step 3

Paste your API Key (2) you retrieved in Part 1, Step 1 > Click on Yes, Continue (2).You will now be able to connect any app available on Zapier to your account.

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