Understanding Opportunities

In this section we define the stages in the "Sales pipeline," how to update "Deal Statuses"


1. New Lead: All new leads that opt-in via our ads.
2. Hot Lead: Any new leads that replies to an email, sms or call.
3.  Consult Call Requested: A Lead that schedules a call on your SCAL calendar.
4. Consult Call "No Show" - A lead that does not show up to the appointment.
5. Consult Call Completed - A lead that shows up to the call and you explain your product/service.
6. Sale Pending: A lead that is about to sign up for your service. Invoice has been sent or the lead needs a few days to get the money together to enroll.
7. Services Sold: A lead that purchases/pays for your service.

Deal Status

Lost: A lead that completes their appointment but does not sign up.
Won: A lead that becomes a client
Abandoned: A lead that never completes a sales call

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